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Day 5 and Day 6 from the Choirboys

Day 5 and 6 were so fantastic that we thought the boys should share their favorite things to end camp! Here are their favorite memories from Saturday and Sunday and what they are looking forward to during the year. “My favorite memory of Saturday was going fishing. I caught two fish! My favorite part of […]

Day 4

Aloha from wonderful Timber Bay! A nearly perfect Friday of camp is burning it’s last few moments of daylight while the sounds of the boys echoes off the lake. A renewed energy was in the air this morning with the introduction of sunshine. You could sense that the boys were ready to get outside and […]

Day 3

Aloha from beautiful Timber Bay! Another good day came and went. Our morning started a little rough. Evening rain had knocked-out the power during the night and I woke to our Head Chef Lisa shining a flashlight in my face and telling me we’d need to manually dump water in our toilets to make them […]

Day 2

This morning the boys woke-up ready to go. Lots of energy! For breakfast, the boys had homemade caramel rolls and cereal. When it comes to food, we have it good. The volunteers in the Kitchen are phenomenal, working very long days in a hot kitchen to provide first-rate nutrition for your boys. I know I […]

Day 1

Aloha from scenic Timber Bay! Camp is going wonderfully! I need to tell you how amazing your boys are. So many smiles. So many new friendships being made in the last 24 hours. This is a lot of fun. At this moment, I am sitting on the front porch of the Staff cabin overlooking a […]

About Timber Bay Camp

Who? Land of Lakes Choir Boys. When? The camp will be held August 8th, 2017 through August 13th, 2017. Where? The camp will be held at “Timber Bay Camp” in Onamia, MN. The camp consists of four hundred acres, camper cabins, main dining and recreation lodge, all of which is located on beautiful Little Whitefish […]