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Day 7, June 19

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there.  We have three on tour with us. The boys didn’t have host families last night so they stayed in the hotel with the staff. When they have hotel stays after concerts the evenings get late. So when we checked them in they were sent straight to bed. […]

Day 6, June 18th

The boys got to sleep in a bit this morning.  We didn’t need to leave for St. Simon’s Island until 10:00am. We made a Walmart stop; and while Stewart and Aaron went in with a couple boys, Camden handed out mail.  It was an exciting morning for the boys.  We hadn’t handed out mail for […]

Day 5, June 17th

Good evening, everyone.  Today was a slightly uneventful day on the bus as we headed to Macon, GA. The boys kept busy with their usual go-to’s.  Ethan organized a Texas Hold ‘Em game in the back with Caleb, Ben and Suojanen.  Daniel returned with Joey, Evan, and Nick in (what I call) the Dragon’s Den. […]

Day 4, June 16th

This morning our beloved boys woke up with touseled hair to a traditional Best Western breakfast: eggs, bacon, yogurt, and even Nutella.  We left around 8:45am for our tour of Churchill Downs.  The boys got a chance to walk through the Kentucky Derby Museum for a few minutes before the tour of the racetrack and plaza. […]

Day 3, June 15th

Throughout tour I’ve been trying to chat with host families as they arrive with boys. In Niles, Cole and Roman’s “mom” told me during their ride they were listening to some music.  She asked them what they liked to listen to. She was impressed with their responses: The Beatles and Simon and Garfunkel.  She told […]

Day 2, June 14th

First-time Tourers arrived at the bus this morning, having experienced their first home-stay. Tristan Wellman stayed with fellow newbies Jack and Keegan. They were hosted by Resurrection’s youth minister. I got a chance to chat with her while the rest of the boys were arriving.  Last night she asked them about contacting their parents throughout […]

Day 1, June 13th

  Here begins the 40th tour of the Land of Lakes Choirboys. Welcome All to the first blog post.  Today we set sail from Elk River Lutheran church to Woodstock, Illinois.  With a plentiful smorgasbord of breakfast delights, the boys gathered around 7am to eat, pack final items, take pictures, and see their loved ones […]