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Day 17, June 29th

    Good Evening.  One more day to go. The boys gathered at Windsor Heights Lutheran this morning to pack their suitcases and their lunches.  Mrs. Sletto had a spread of sandwich fixin’s all ready for them when they arrived.  When they all got their lunches made, we started our trek to Monticello IA. At noon, we stopped at […]

Day 16, June 28th

Good evening! The boys got up bright and early this morning. We traveled to Des Moines and the ride was roughly 6 hours. Isaac told us right away when we got on the road, “I’m going to nap in my seat.  I’ll probably snore.  Snoring is a manly thing”.  He certainly did sleep, and so […]

Day 15, June 27th

Good evening. Today we traveled to Eureka, MO have to some fun at Six Flags – St. Louis. The boys woke up early and had their breakfast.  The bus loaders and room crew got their jobs done, and we all were out the door around 8:15am.  Daniel was our Officer of the Day.  His Quote of the […]

Day 14, June 26th

Good evening. This morning the boys sang at All Saints Episcopal Church in Birmingham, AL.  Melanie Couch, the Director of Music, took very good care of the boys.  With her help, the boys knew how to follow along in their service bulletins, and they had a great mid-morning breakfast of fruit, cheese, and granola before their […]

Day 13, June 25th

Good evening, y’all.   This morning we left the hotel for the National Civil War Naval Museum right in Columbus.  Four massive Naval cannons were on display right outside the museum.  The boys gathered there before Jeff, the Director of Education and History, greeted us at the front doors.  We gladly left the sticky 75º  morning […]

Day 12, June 24th

Good evening from Columbus, GA. The boys came from their host homes this morning, warm and well-loved.  St. James Episcopal really took good care of them.  It was another hot day in Florida; even the natives were saying it was too hot.  To help, Charlie parked the bus in the shade.  It was a wise move […]

Day 11, June 23rd

The boys arrived at the bus in the sweltering Florida sun.  It wasn’t too bad in the shade but the moment you stepped into the light it was H.O.T!  Nevertheless they were in good spirits.  They got to spend two nights with their host families and formed great bonds.  On the bus ride to Clearwater, […]

Day 10, June 22nd

This morning was an early morning for the boys. Many of them went to bed late last night. Their bedtime was up to their own discretion. Today was scheduled to be a lighter day with the Clearwater Threshers game and a short concert at Savannah Court Assisted Living back in Lakeland. The good people of […]

Day 9, June 21st

Nine days down. Nine to go.  Cocoa Beach is behind us, and we’re moving on to the second half of tour.  Breakfast was served at the hotel, and we were off to Jungle Adventures and Lakeland FL. On the bus ride our Officer of the Day  Cole served his duties.  His Quote of the Day was “The […]

Day 8, June 20th

Today was a full day as expected.  The boys got  to FINALLY swim in the ocean. For some, it was their first time.  The wind was breezy, and the air was slightly humid.  Overall the day weather was beautiful for ocean swimming. As you could see from the video I posted earlier today, the boys […]