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“Come at me, Water!” Day 8, June 19th

Good evening.  We spent the whole day sightseeing at Niagara Falls.  The boys woke up and had some breakfast before loading the bus for Skylon Tower.  Skylon Tower looks much like Seattle’s Space Needle, with its tall, slender, cylindrical frame supporting a huge observation deck.  The deck stands 775 feet in the air overlooking the spectacular […]

Day 7, June 18th

Happy Father’s Day from the Boys! This morning the boys got up for another travel day to Niagara Falls. They had breakfast at the hotel, but this time no waffles.  🙁  We needed to get to Niagara Falls in good time.  The room was buzzing with boys efficiently eating and the hotel staff busily refilling; […]

“It Was a Boy Thing” Day 5, June 16th

Waffles for breakfast this morning.  The boys woke up from their first hotel stay, and came down room-by-room to the breakfast area.  Aaron, Stewart, and a group of older boys went to get groceries for lunch, while everyone else ate, packed, and loaded onto the bus.  Today was our day for hiking. We arrived at […]

“Whale!” Day 4, June 15th

  Today was the day we traveled across Manitoba to Thunder Bay, Ontario: 708 kilometers (or 440 miles for those of you down south in “The States”).  The boys were entertained throughout the whole trip.  Again, most were on their devices while others found means to play “unplugged”.  The staff got to hear about their […]

“Pop Goes the Weasel”, Day 3, June 14th

It was a light day today.  Since the concert choir was booked to sing in Winnipeg again tonight, there wasn’t much traveling to be done. It was still an early morning though, as we had an appointment at Lower Fort Garry for sightseeing.  The weather for the trip was overcast yet comfortable.  On the way there the boys were […]

“Canadian Cows”, Day 2, June 13th

What a full and fun day! We have six “first year” boys who experienced their first home stay last night.  Although some of them were apprehensive about their hosts, they came back to the bus this morning with smiles and hugs.  The weather may have been overcast and rainy, but their hearts were sunny and […]

Hello from Thief River Falls…

We’re all finished with the 1st day of the Land of Lakes Choirboys Tour of 2017.  This is LOLCB’s 41st tour!  40-some years of practicing and living “Music Respect Honor” on the road!  And now a new group of boys carry on the history of gentlemanly conduct for 17 more days. After their breakfast and bye-byes […]

LOLCB Tour 2017 Begins!

Good day, everyone.  Welcome back to the tour blog of the Land of Lakes Choirboys.  After a robust and successful season, the 28 boys of the LOLCB Concert Choir are now packed and ready for their 2017 tour.  With their faithful driver Charlie Meuser back at the wheel, the boys will spend 18 days traveling and […]

Day 19, July 1st

Good morning, All.  Happy July! The boys are home! Last night’s homecoming festivities were fantastic. They arrived around 5:15pm in Maple Grove after a day of travel from Monticello IA.  The LOLCB “Welcome Wagon”, full of parents, friends, brothers, sisters, grandparents, and alumni, hooted and hollered at the boys’ return. With flowers in hand, the boys beamed from […]