Entries by Aaron Carpenter

“O Say, Can You See”, Day 17, June 28th

Petoskey was good to the boys this morning.  As we were leaving the small but abundant town, the boys told Stewart all about their stays.  Two separate host families woke up their boys in a unique way: they serenaded them.  One man made our gentlemen wake up to a song he always sung to his own […]

“Friday the 13th”, Day 14, June 25th

The boys sang for the 9:45 mass at St. Mary’s this morning.  We weren’t quite sure if Nathan (the boy conductor from last night) was going to be there.  He certainly was! Sporting a blue jacket, red tie, and red shoes.  The boys gave him a “do extraordinary” t-shirt and he wore all morning long. […]

“Who Has the Best Voice?” Day 13, June 24th

We were lucky to leave with the boys this morning.  The hosts from Holy Cross Lutheran wanted to keep our charming gentlemen; they were so impressed.  Last night a boy wasn’t feeling so well, and didn’t want to sleep alone.  The host was moved when an older boy volunteered to share his bed with the young […]

“Does the Bus Driver Sing?” Day 11, June 22nd

Today was a good day.  All the boys were safely transported to Our Lady of Mercy for their departure from Merrimack.  The first stop on our way to Kennebunk, ME was Harvard College. The boys were scheduled to tour the Ivy League college in Cambridge late this morning. We arrived in Cambridge in great time, giving […]